Wednesday, November 26, 2003

"Plein Air" Atlanta Botanical Gardens - Pastel painting

Fountain Atlanta Botanical Gardens  pastel painting artist Jillian Crider autumn pathway
I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last Friday. A LOVELY place to visit, I'll be back. I did a pastel, though I ended up with MUCH on myself! Washing myself in the basin of the restroom afterwards. I was pleased with the result. I sat on the wall in the rose garden in sunshine, so it was really pleasant. It was the first time I've ever done a pastel 'plein air' (outdoors).
Hope you enjoy this photo of where I sat, and the resulting work.

I got a shock when I went to the loo, and looked in the mirror, I had pastel all over my face. I call myself 'smudge' when I work in pastels. HA!

I think you can click on the image for a larger view.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

"Friends" 2 kittens - a tuxedo & a tabby - watercolor painting.

friends 2 kittens up for adoption watercolour painting by artist Jillian Crider
Today's art effort was this watercolor of 2 kittens. A 'tuxedo' and a 'tabby'. I've just listed it on ebay - item 3639449536.

I did a watercolor nude a few days ago that is also listed as well as a proven favourite of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Friday, November 07, 2003

"Pocket Money" - magazine Illustration

The final one of the 3 is actual also one that I had a different idea in mind, first, and even submitted it.
But as it was partially photographic, it was unsuitable.

This version then came to mind, and was accepted.
It's about a police woman, some shooting, and a pick-pocket. Pen and Ink.
Hope you like them all.


"Momma's Boarding House" magazine Illustration

Another FMAM magazine illustration for a story that was about a woman that runs a boarding house, and she is always trying to save money to keep it afloat but there is also death associated with the people she deals with.

I found this one difficult to come up with something. I started off with totally different images to the final.

The editor really liked this one, so was worth it. I rather like it, too.
It wasn't an easy one to think of something to show for that particular story.


"Killing Time" - magazine illustration

Well, for quarterly publication 'Futures for Story Lovers' it's that time again...
I got asked to do 3 illustrations this time.
It's an interesting magazine - stories with twists. is the site - go look!

One story was about death and time travel.
It had the title something like Time Travel Death - I suggested renaming it 'Killing Time', and that was accepted. :)
Fun to do things like that.
Anyway, my illustration is shown above.


Atlanta Artists Center - DeFoor's Art Auction

Defoor art exhibition 2003 arist designer Jillian Crider Atlanta Artists Center fund raiser
Well, it was exciting to be asked to design some awards for the Atlanta Artists Center (AAC) a few weeks ago (you can get a tiny glimpse of them on their site, in photos when they were presented).
From there I was asked to design an invitation for up-coming art auction & show at Defoor Center.
I attacked it in a non-traditional manner, wanting lots of 'life' to it. But didn't want anything too abstract arty as so many of our artists at AAC are traditional realists.
Since then I have received a lot of compliments, but really made me believe it today when I was doing colour enlarged photocopies in Kinko's of a poster I did designed around the same style and a complete stranger couldn't stop looking at the poster, and instead of commenting on the event, he raved about how good the design was!
When I told him I designed it, he told me I should do it as a business. Being a stranger, I was quite amazed that it had such a reaction.
If you'd like to see the invitation it's at AACs website. And if you're in Atlanta, go into the site, to 'Defoors' and you can download a printable copy of the invitation to print for yourself and any friends you might think will be interested to attend.
AACs website:

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Defoors Art Auction and Exhibition.

My really exciting news is re the Atlanta Artists Center.
They have 2 events. First is their monthly show, which is juried. So I submitted 2 works for that.
Second is the 'Defoors' Auction and exhibition. This is a major fundraiser, and the artists are required to donate a painting, and then they can submit more for juried entry. I submitted 2 works for that, also (as well as the required donated piece).
I went last night to collect art work that had not been accepted after jury selection, only to find out that ALL pieces have been accepted. So I am really excited about that.
I'll let you know how all goes.
If anyone reads this, in Atlanta, the Defoors auction is at the Defoors Center on Friday 14th November from 6.30pm until 10pm. A great chance to get some original art!
The exhibition is open several days prior to the auction so you can view the work, and up until the 2nd December. Only a certain number of paintings will be for auction, the remainder will be as a 'regular' exhibition where sales can be made. Come see!
I may get to see you there!

Arts Clayton - Jonesboro, Georgia.

Things have gotten a little busy, art-wise.
One local group (Arts Clayton) has a 'Mistletoe Market' the next 2 months, leading up to Xmas.
I took in some tin hearts container/baskets that I'd painted with roses a few weeks ago and the gallery manager said she loved them.
I recently received some small paintings from Australia, so took them and 10 of the hearts into the gallery on Saturday. I'm going to the reception for the opening tonight.


"Plein Air" Norcross - ink sketch barber shop

Norcross Georgia barber shop 2003 pen ink sketch plein air by artist Jillian Crider
A couple of weeks ago I went with a 'Plein Air' art group to old town Norcross, Georgia. It's a delightful place, and the weather was stunning.
I have long wanted to paint outdoors - I grew up thinking that was what artists DID do, anyway, when saw photos of them at canvases painting outdoors. I had made some solo attempts in the past, but not with a group.
I didn't have the right equipment but made do with a folding stool & tv table.
Straight away my eyes were drawn to the barber shop, and despite the temptation (and perhaps a little trepidation), I settled down to draw with pen & ink. I felt that paints were such a BIG step for me to take.
(UPDATE: This was later purchased by the shop owner.  I was delighted.)

I dashed into it, and in hind-sight I should have taken more time to plan it, but it turned out quite well. All who saw it became smitten with the olde-world look I'd given it, and the owner actually ended up asking to buy it.
There was a lovely lunch with my new artist friends as it was the first time meeting with them, also.
Later I explored the shops. Loved the 'Best of British' shop and plan to go back, and the antique store next door to it yielded a host of treasures - it's one of the best antique shops I've been in since I've been in Georgia.
Stay tuned for more adventures (when I remember to write them).

Thursday, October 16, 2003

"Tuscan Garden" Acrylic - 14x11" on canvas

tuscan garden  classical garden and house painting by artist Jillian Crider
"Tuscan Garden"  My latest painting. An acrylic 14x11".
I did it so I can put it onto a flyer promoting that I'm now doing house and garden commissioned portraits.

My son & 'ex' liked it, and since they are non-art people, I consider that a HUGE compliment! :)
It looks great in the flyer, so hope that it works, I am dying to do some of the wonderful plantation-type houses in this area (Atlanta, Georgia).
Love this classical garden, with fabulous nude woman statue overlooking  an ornamental fish pond, topiaries, and hydrangeas.
AVAILABLE FOR SALE:  on my Bluethumb link on my website.


Saturday, October 04, 2003

Cover Illustration - Children's magazine

Kids holiday craftts magazine, magazine illustration, illustrator, artist, Jillian Crider, family, pram, baby, child, fair, park, children's
Gee! I keep thinking I get NOTHING done.
Forgot to mention I did an illustration that is on the cover of a kid's magazine this month!
Kids Holiday Crafts Magazine. 'Fall' in Love with Autumn. Park Scene from Roswell, Georgia. Gelati ice cream stand, and family with a dog.


"Sunkist Starburst" 11x14" Acrylic painting of Roses

sunkist starburst red pink roses on bush painting by artist Jillian Crider Grady Hospital Atlanta Georgia
This one finished Wednesday night, after about 25 hours work.
"Sunkist Starburst"

Took it in today (took the photo on the passenger side of the car) to Atlanta Artist's Center to be juried. Tagged for donation to Grady Hospital.
Not only was it accepted, but won an award of recognition.
It's 11x14".
It will be part of a re-decoration program with a big social event mid-January.

I can submit 3 more pieces to sell at that time if I want, and will mingle with 600 guests who will be who's who, of Atlanta.


Rose - square - SFA 6"x6" "Sunkist"

sunkist small acrylic original painting yellow orange bush by arttist Jillian Crider garden
Well, this was just a small one I did about a week ago. "SUNKIST"
6x6" - took me about 6 hours.
That's about an hour an inch!
Acrylics on canvas. Sides painted - continued on sides.


Saturday, September 20, 2003

Pink rose painting - Acrylic 6"x12"

pink rose blossom and buds original acrylic painting on canvas by artist Jillian Crider
Just finished this one yesterday - the 3rd rose I've done in the past month. This one is 6x12" on canvas - a slightly odd shape, but, as such, it's eye-catching.
Hope you like it.

"Two Plus One, In Pink".

I've also just finished a series of 6 'cartoon-type' illustrations for a book, and a magazine illustration.

Art fairs in Atlanta. My art collection expands!

I went to 2 art fairs today in Atlanta - Perimeter mall - about 200 artists, and Roswell with 160 artists. I went to the Décor Expo at the World Congress Center a couple of weeks ago, that was mind-boggling! Met some artists that I've admired for over 20 years!
Some of the top artists in the USA. I was in awe!

I didn't come home empty-handed from any of these. I now have MORE art in my small collection. My collection gives me SO much joy!


Great gifts using my artwork!

I was rather pleased with the image I created graphically and offered for sale in my Café Press shop, using some of my art 'products' available. A journal, notebook, with one of my paintings on it - strawberries, and blackberries on lace background. The artwork was an ACEO - 3.5x2.5". Watercolour.


Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My Cafe Press store!

t-shirt, photographer, photo, boat, speed, Georgia, USA, Lake Lanier, boating, Jillian Crider,
I've been busy creating new products for my Cafe Press store! What fun!

UPDATE: 2019: Store no longer exists. Please see my website for other options (RedBubble, etc.)

I'm definitely putting some of them on my Xmas present list ... I'll be proud to give them as gifts.
Cafe Press Store
Just hope the sales come with it. Take a look! Refer it to your friends. I'd appreciate it. Love the validation of my art by people purchasing it.
Buying my art this way gives bargain prices for owning unique and exclusive gifts.


Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Rodeo in Cumming, Georgia.

photo by jillian crider ken treadway rodeo cumming georgia 2003 cowboy boots
Sunday was another adventure - 'chase' subjects day. This time to the north of Atlanta - to Cumming. There was a Ken Treadway Rodeo there, and I was lucky enough to get permission to take photos of the riders. The guys were great, and got some great subjects for paintings. I hope to go to some more rodeos in the future.
Great stuff!


Hot Air Balloons at Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

hot air balloons at callaway gardens georgia USA photo by Jillian Crider artist photographer 2003
Well, went chasing 'interesting' things to photograph on the weekend. A long weekend here in the USA. Potential artwork subjects.
Saturday I took myself down to Callaway Gardens as there was a hot air balloon fest. I got some good photos. Loved the antique stores in Pine Mountain, and hope to feature some in paintings one day.
Callaway is breath-taking. It almost should be called 'Eden'. It was a lovely day, and the sun filtering through the trees was so lovely. It's well within taking a day journey there from Atlanta. Something so lovely, so close by. I'm sure I missed enough to make sure I will go back again sometime to find out what I missed!

~Jillian (artist)

Saturday, August 30, 2003

"White Roses" Acrylic painting - 11x14"

original acrylic painting of white roses on bush in garden by artist Jillian Crider 14x11"
Another acrylic rose - on stretched canvas, with sides painted. I've posted it on my site, larger, and without the frame, but couldn't resist 'playing' with framing, as it sometimes really sets off my work.
White is such a funny colour to work with, as, to paint something white, you just about have to use every other colour but white!
Still I do ink sketches, and even though the only 'colour' you use is black, you need to make your subject look like shades of grey and black, as well as using the white of the paper to create your art.

This one is 14x11".
Not sure what my next art project will be.
One gallery wants some nudes.
I have a 'commercial' project to do ... some book illustrations, so need to get on with those, I guess.


Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Rename done!

I temporarily named the roses 'A Touch of Mauve', but think I'll re-name to 'Mauve Madness'.

"Mauve Madness" 8x10" Acrylic on canvas.

I've had a couple of galleries express interest in doing an exhibition of my work, so need a 'series', preferably in oils. I love working with oils they are so 'buttery' - you basically work by 'pushing' the paint around the canvas, but it's about a year since I've done an oil, and, even then, only 2 on canvas.

So I diligently sorted through my rose reference photos, as I have so many of them, and roses seem eternal re being a popular subject to purchase. I have SO many rose photos (over 500!) that it took me a long time to look through. It was then 10pm by the time I finished. So, needed to decide - do I start my painting, or not.

Not to start would have defeated my purpose of aiming to start a painting THAT DAY, so I went ahead.

Around 1am the kitten stepped on the plastic drawers where I store my paints and they went all over the floor.

While picking them up I discovered the reason my paints weren't acting the way I thought, as well as drying ultra quick (I thought it was the climate here!) ... I'd been using acrylics!
I really don't like using acrylics! They are my least favourite medium. They take a lot more work than oils. The bonus is that I have a painting that is instantly dry, so can tote it around with me to show everyone, plus I think that some of the effects with the roses in this particular painting would not have been able to be achieved with oils. - "Mauve Madness" - See above.

I plan to start another rose painting today, and as they are white roses, I'm planning on using acrylics. Quite a change for me.
What do you think of them?


Christmas Cards created!

christmas card, cavalier king charles spaniel, watercolour, artist, Jillian Crider

Was doing some 'retail therapy' in Target and found some lime green note cards (12 for $3.99).

They were blank, and thought they would work if I printed out the 'Cavalier Christmas', and pasted them on the cards.
They exceeded way past my wildest dreams. Love them.
The lime may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure brightens and sets off the print.
Haven't gotten around to doing the other ideas yet, have also added a cat in a hat to my list.
Anyway, check out my cards. Guess I don't have to shop for Xmas cards this year! :)
Hope my friends like them, they'll be surprised, I'm sure.


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Christmas Illustration

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel watercolour Christmas illustration by artist Jillian Crider
I've had some requests for Xmas theme art, that might be used on Xmas cards, so I did this over the weekend.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an art work I've wanted to do for some time ... he DID, indeed have the Santa cap on, but the background is imaginary. Hard to believe that Xmas is almost here.

Had some kids fundraising for their school knock on the door tonight, and they had a catalog of goods, with MANY Xmas items. One child was probably 12 at most, and I just KNOW he will be a salesman one day! :)

Anyway, here's the doggie I did. Hope you like it. Hope to do a kitty too, but have a couple of more ideas ... angels ... peace doves ... church.


Children's book illustration submission

boy eating watermelon, at teddy bear picnic, Adelaide, Artist: Jillian Crider
I'm a silly girl ... I keep forgetting to update my blog.
Did a sample of my 'soft' watercolor art for a book publisher, 2 weeks ago. They are still selecting, but should know in next couple of weeks. Already have a contract to do 8 line art 'cartoon' illustrations by 15th September, and will start on them soon.
Still working on updating my site, but get lost on other things.
This is the sample I did for the children's book publisher. Used previously to illustrate a story in a magazine. Wish me luck! :)


Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Here I go again - re-vamp!

I'm revamping my site! I hope to gain more sales from it, so that I can progress as an artist.

What was totally new and fun to add was the 'MINIATURE GALLERY' ... this is a room (a shop), like a dolls house. I'm building it to store some of my miniature art in. Please visit my site and take a look.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Atlanta Artists Center

"Copper Sunset" - took it to AAC - I thought it looked great framed .... the Atlanta Artists Center thought so too. It's now hanging after jury selection, in their latest exhibition, downtown Atlanta (Buckhead).

Went to their meeting last night and had a wonderful speaker: Lorraine King (Larry).


Thursday, July 17, 2003

"Copper Sunset" 5x7" watercolor.

sunset, painting, art, Jillian  Crider, artist, seascape, watercolour, adelaide, watercolor, original,
Did this 2 days ago. A 5x7 watercolor. Uncertain whether to put it in one of the galleries, or sell on eBay.

I tried several mat and frame combinations, but sans mat really added some 'zing' to the sunset!
I changed the frame from gold to copper. Was a good idea!!!

Named it "Copper Sunset".
Hope you like it.


Arrival in Atlanta, Georgia. U.S.A.

I'm now in Atlanta, Georgia. Have just started revamping my website. Hope you like it. Doing it so that my site is more to show the 'business' side of art. It still will be OK to look at for the browsers who love looking at artist's works (I'm one who does that!) :)

But would like to make my art work much more 'saleable'. I will be doing more art while here, along that aim.

I have joined arts Clayton County, and did 3 miniatures in a hurry for their latest exhibition.

Also joined Atlanta Artists Center and have started going Mondays to their nude sketch group. (Life Study)

Also thinking of joining the Georgia Watercolor Society.


"A Deadly Pate" - Ruthe Furie - book cover

a deadly pate, ruthe Fuuurie, book cover, illustration,  illustrator, artist jillian,  Jillian Crider, murder mystery,
Well, since I posted my previous book covers, this is the final one of series of 3, done just over a month ago. Again keeping in the murder mystery theme.


Thursday, April 17, 2003

Compliments on my illustration (see previous post).

I get very flattered by compliments re my art. Sometimes it surprizes me a little, as caught of guard, and also wonder at finding that my art IS appreciated and admired ... something I've always dreampt of.

Two things this week. One re the sketch I did for 'Futures' magazine - the one I put up earlier with the skeleton - the author had a write up in a magazine published. In part it said...
"I’m forwarding a letter that Sarah posted to the short mystery Fiction society list.

My story, "Baby's Breath", appears in the current issue. I really like the illustration Jillian Crider made for the story; I feel so flattered to have someone do an actual PICTURE for my tale! I have also been having great fun reading the rest of the issue. FMAM is really great - so many stories, along with puzzles and cartoons! Even better news: I visited my local Barnes and Noble here in Lexington, and there it was (FMAM at last)! I will be directing all my friends there! :)"

The site for this magazine is:
Even more exciting was getting my copy of it in the mail today with those 2 illustrations in it! :)
Next post will have the 2nd flattering happening.


Saturday, April 12, 2003

Desert Sky Tours - new website launched!

Well, up until the early hours. Also introduced a 'friend' to the world of bloggers! I had to design a website. Promised since January. I never seemed to get with Howard on this, and managed to do it from what he provided via emails. Being frames, my FrontPage web editor didn't want to work, and I didn't have time to work it out, so ended up hand-writing it in html! Not heaps of content so it wasn't too cumbersome, but was about 3.30am before I hit my bed!

Wanna take a peek? It's - hope you like it. It's about touring the wide, wild broad expanse of our outback in my home state of South Australia in unique 6 wheel all terrain drive vehicles that carry a groups of people.

Hope you like it.


Thursday, March 13, 2003

Caldecott award ....

Ooops... should be Caldecott...

See previous post!

Another book cover is in progress...

What am I doing at the moment? Another book cover - a light romance I think - for LTD books. I've done the portrait of the girl for the front, but will do the rest digitally. Should finish it sometime over the weekend. Check back here next week if you want to see a finished version.

"Inside a Snail's Shell"

child, book, illustrated, Eppie, snall, shell, Jillian Crider, artist, illustration, award, artist jillian,
Sometimes things in life get SO exciting that you almost need bricks on your head to stop you from jumping up and down!
The child's book I illustrated 'Inside a Snail's Shell' maybe didn't win child's book of the year 2003 in the EPPIE awards (one of only 5 finalists) ... BUT a hard copy arrived this week in my 'snail' :) mail - it was just SO fabulous to see it in print!

What's more, now it has just been released, there is already one buyer (NO!!!! ... NOT me!!! :) ) - and they want a SIGNED copy - as they consider this book good enough to win the 'Caldicott'!!!

Is it JUST me? Or do others get such great things happening to them?

A wonderful teaching experience - art!

Again had a wonderful teaching experience. With students asking when my next class is. I had so much fun, and they said they did, too, as well as saying they learnt lots!


Friday, February 28, 2003

Pen & Wash Art Joural Sketching Lesson @ "The Framer"

Hanley farm, jacksonville, oregon, pen and wash, ink, watercolour, plein air,  artist, jillian crider, artist jillian,  historic building,  sketch, class, teach, learn,

The 8th of May, 2003 I am teaching a class on pen and wash journal sketching. I love to teach, especially informally. I love to see the students get delight from their artwork, and I usually get lots of positive feedback. Seems funny teaching as I never really learnt to draw & paint but I've taught other things that I've taught myself, too, so guess this is no different.
My classes are fun.


2 Illustrations done for "Futures For Story Lovers" Magazine

Illustration - Futures for Story Lovers - Murder Mystery Mayhem German war after life artist Jillian Crider
illustration furtures for story lovers murder mystery mayhem tropical cruise boat skull skeletton artist Jillian Crider dining eating, drinking champagne

Two more illustrations done. Black and white. These are for futures magazine. I've been doing 2 each quarter for 5 issues now. One story is of a thief on a ship cruise eating exotic food, the other is of Nazi's after death. (That's all I'll say without giving the stories away.) The Futures magazine is available at Borders in the USA, and not sure about Barnes & Noble.

Think the website is: .
They are 5x5"

I like 'pretty' things and so is way off the track with doing these. But enjoy that they make me think a lot, as to how to best depict what the story is about, and maybe look at it differently than trying to tell a picture with words - more it's a matter of impact and symbolism.

They are only quick works as I don't get paid much at all. Fun!

You be the judge!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Here's my latest book cover illustration!

novel, book cover, A natural death, Ruthe Furie, artist, illustration, Jillian Crider, ornate dagger, body, murder mystery, hand, garden, vegetable, tomato,  retro art,
Well, here is the next book cover in this series of murder mysteries. I did a full tomato instead of a cut one, but it didn't work, being greyscale, so then I decided to cut it. Originally submitted the cover with just vegetables on it, as per a previous cover, but then decided that even with a dagger it still wouldn't be dramatic enough to spell out 'murder' - so I then decided on the lifeless hand in some sort of farm field suggested environment (the murder happened on an organic farm, hence the title).

2am, and I have to be up just after 6am!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Website re-vamp!

Well ... I'm into a MAJOR re-vamp of my site. (
Took off my shopping cart from my 'shop'. Original art, prints & CDRoms etc will NOW be linked direct to PayPal, but opened a gift shop for items that have my art printed on them.

I've heard great reports about the great quality of these! Other artist's doing this report slow sales, but, hey! sales were slow before, and set up of printing costs too much! I LOVE being able to do this ... though you will have to bear with me as I put up my print items, each image to process and upload, etc takes time. So, if you're looking ... come back later for more!

Changed my front page, switching art on it around and showing new art.
No wonder I don't seem to get any actual ART done!

Monday, February 17, 2003

Book Cover Illustration - #2 - Ruthe Furie - Murder Mystery

book cover, illustration, artist, illustrator, murder, mystery, novel, artist jillian, Jillian Crider, ornate dagger, face, horror,
What am I doing right now?
Doing a second book & CD cover for a murder mystery by Ruthe Furie.
The first one was (see above):

I am following on with the theme of 'hot' citrus colours - the next to be either tangerine or lemon.
The dagger with blood is to be repeated.
The illustration is in 'black and white' - reminiscent of the murder/mystery movies, etc of the 50s - Hitchcock, etc.
I'm expecting to finish it in the next couple of days.
As an artist viewing my unfinished work I am just SO tempted to throw it away as 'trash' as it's not up to a standard I want to present.
And yet I have to have faith to continue on, as know that will nearly all my work I have that stage to pass through, and rarely does my work go on to being NOT acceptable - transforming unbelievable before my very eyes!

Welcome to my blog.

I procrastinate and find it difficult to keep up with what's new. So this is my endeavour to do this in a different kinda way.
Thank you for your interest in my work, and the artist within.