Thursday, April 17, 2003

Compliments on my illustration (see previous post).

I get very flattered by compliments re my art. Sometimes it surprizes me a little, as caught of guard, and also wonder at finding that my art IS appreciated and admired ... something I've always dreampt of.

Two things this week. One re the sketch I did for 'Futures' magazine - the one I put up earlier with the skeleton - the author had a write up in a magazine published. In part it said...
"I’m forwarding a letter that Sarah posted to the short mystery Fiction society list.

My story, "Baby's Breath", appears in the current issue. I really like the illustration Jillian Crider made for the story; I feel so flattered to have someone do an actual PICTURE for my tale! I have also been having great fun reading the rest of the issue. FMAM is really great - so many stories, along with puzzles and cartoons! Even better news: I visited my local Barnes and Noble here in Lexington, and there it was (FMAM at last)! I will be directing all my friends there! :)"

The site for this magazine is:
Even more exciting was getting my copy of it in the mail today with those 2 illustrations in it! :)
Next post will have the 2nd flattering happening.