Monday, January 31, 2011

Big changes in 2011...

I'm revamping my website - and putting up all my original artworks for sale. I'm also doing a slide show of them, for people to browse.

My website will be 10 years old this year. I did put art up for sale, but gradually used other sites for convenience. Now I'm not so sure that my web might be best. I've used PayPal instant buy buttons.

My color combo may not be the best, but, for now, it's what I want. I have sold miniature (dollhouse-size) paintings off my website previously, but that was years ago. Times have changed, so now is time for change. I need to get on to painting some more, too.

Click on the link under the image to visit my website - go to left side 'buy my artwork' (click on the clown image). The painting is a 5x7" watercolor "Dancing Flame - Fuchsia".