Friday, February 28, 2003

2 Illustrations done for "Futures For Story Lovers" Magazine

Illustration - Futures for Story Lovers - Murder Mystery Mayhem German war after life artist Jillian Crider
illustration furtures for story lovers murder mystery mayhem tropical cruise boat skull skeletton artist Jillian Crider dining eating, drinking champagne

Two more illustrations done. Black and white. These are for futures magazine. I've been doing 2 each quarter for 5 issues now. One story is of a thief on a ship cruise eating exotic food, the other is of Nazi's after death. (That's all I'll say without giving the stories away.) The Futures magazine is available at Borders in the USA, and not sure about Barnes & Noble.

Think the website is: .
They are 5x5"

I like 'pretty' things and so is way off the track with doing these. But enjoy that they make me think a lot, as to how to best depict what the story is about, and maybe look at it differently than trying to tell a picture with words - more it's a matter of impact and symbolism.

They are only quick works as I don't get paid much at all. Fun!

You be the judge!