Tuesday, August 26, 2003

"Mauve Madness" 8x10" Acrylic on canvas.

I've had a couple of galleries express interest in doing an exhibition of my work, so need a 'series', preferably in oils. I love working with oils they are so 'buttery' - you basically work by 'pushing' the paint around the canvas, but it's about a year since I've done an oil, and, even then, only 2 on canvas.

So I diligently sorted through my rose reference photos, as I have so many of them, and roses seem eternal re being a popular subject to purchase. I have SO many rose photos (over 500!) that it took me a long time to look through. It was then 10pm by the time I finished. So, needed to decide - do I start my painting, or not.

Not to start would have defeated my purpose of aiming to start a painting THAT DAY, so I went ahead.

Around 1am the kitten stepped on the plastic drawers where I store my paints and they went all over the floor.

While picking them up I discovered the reason my paints weren't acting the way I thought, as well as drying ultra quick (I thought it was the climate here!) ... I'd been using acrylics!
I really don't like using acrylics! They are my least favourite medium. They take a lot more work than oils. The bonus is that I have a painting that is instantly dry, so can tote it around with me to show everyone, plus I think that some of the effects with the roses in this particular painting would not have been able to be achieved with oils. - "Mauve Madness" - See above.

I plan to start another rose painting today, and as they are white roses, I'm planning on using acrylics. Quite a change for me.
What do you think of them?