Saturday, August 30, 2003

"White Roses" Acrylic painting - 11x14"

original acrylic painting of white roses on bush in garden by artist Jillian Crider 14x11"
Another acrylic rose - on stretched canvas, with sides painted. I've posted it on my site, larger, and without the frame, but couldn't resist 'playing' with framing, as it sometimes really sets off my work.
White is such a funny colour to work with, as, to paint something white, you just about have to use every other colour but white!
Still I do ink sketches, and even though the only 'colour' you use is black, you need to make your subject look like shades of grey and black, as well as using the white of the paper to create your art.

This one is 14x11".
Not sure what my next art project will be.
One gallery wants some nudes.
I have a 'commercial' project to do ... some book illustrations, so need to get on with those, I guess.


Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Rename done!

I temporarily named the roses 'A Touch of Mauve', but think I'll re-name to 'Mauve Madness'.

"Mauve Madness" 8x10" Acrylic on canvas.

I've had a couple of galleries express interest in doing an exhibition of my work, so need a 'series', preferably in oils. I love working with oils they are so 'buttery' - you basically work by 'pushing' the paint around the canvas, but it's about a year since I've done an oil, and, even then, only 2 on canvas.

So I diligently sorted through my rose reference photos, as I have so many of them, and roses seem eternal re being a popular subject to purchase. I have SO many rose photos (over 500!) that it took me a long time to look through. It was then 10pm by the time I finished. So, needed to decide - do I start my painting, or not.

Not to start would have defeated my purpose of aiming to start a painting THAT DAY, so I went ahead.

Around 1am the kitten stepped on the plastic drawers where I store my paints and they went all over the floor.

While picking them up I discovered the reason my paints weren't acting the way I thought, as well as drying ultra quick (I thought it was the climate here!) ... I'd been using acrylics!
I really don't like using acrylics! They are my least favourite medium. They take a lot more work than oils. The bonus is that I have a painting that is instantly dry, so can tote it around with me to show everyone, plus I think that some of the effects with the roses in this particular painting would not have been able to be achieved with oils. - "Mauve Madness" - See above.

I plan to start another rose painting today, and as they are white roses, I'm planning on using acrylics. Quite a change for me.
What do you think of them?


Christmas Cards created!

christmas card, cavalier king charles spaniel, watercolour, artist, Jillian Crider

Was doing some 'retail therapy' in Target and found some lime green note cards (12 for $3.99).

They were blank, and thought they would work if I printed out the 'Cavalier Christmas', and pasted them on the cards.
They exceeded way past my wildest dreams. Love them.
The lime may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it sure brightens and sets off the print.
Haven't gotten around to doing the other ideas yet, have also added a cat in a hat to my list.
Anyway, check out my cards. Guess I don't have to shop for Xmas cards this year! :)
Hope my friends like them, they'll be surprised, I'm sure.


Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Christmas Illustration

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel watercolour Christmas illustration by artist Jillian Crider
I've had some requests for Xmas theme art, that might be used on Xmas cards, so I did this over the weekend.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an art work I've wanted to do for some time ... he DID, indeed have the Santa cap on, but the background is imaginary. Hard to believe that Xmas is almost here.

Had some kids fundraising for their school knock on the door tonight, and they had a catalog of goods, with MANY Xmas items. One child was probably 12 at most, and I just KNOW he will be a salesman one day! :)

Anyway, here's the doggie I did. Hope you like it. Hope to do a kitty too, but have a couple of more ideas ... angels ... peace doves ... church.


Children's book illustration submission

boy eating watermelon, at teddy bear picnic, Adelaide, Artist: Jillian Crider
I'm a silly girl ... I keep forgetting to update my blog.
Did a sample of my 'soft' watercolor art for a book publisher, 2 weeks ago. They are still selecting, but should know in next couple of weeks. Already have a contract to do 8 line art 'cartoon' illustrations by 15th September, and will start on them soon.
Still working on updating my site, but get lost on other things.
This is the sample I did for the children's book publisher. Used previously to illustrate a story in a magazine. Wish me luck! :)