Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"Addiction" Chocolate and love - illustration for Bonzer magazine.

chocolate, watecolour, love, candy hearts, sweets, lollies, heart-shaped, box, original painting, artist jillian, Jillian Crider, SFA, Small Format art, illustrralia, Bonzer,
I had to do an illustration for a magazine 'Bonzer!'.
I was given the theme 'Addiction'.

The release is for the month of February.
Seemed obvious to apply Valentines theme - CHOCOLATE and LOVE!
True addictions. *grin*

I've put it up on ebay. 10x6"
Thanks for looking.

More success with dollhouse miniature paintings.

France, Paris, French, woman, violets, purple, 1920, women, fashion, miniature art, original art, painting, watercolour, ink, tiny, small, dollhouse, 1:12 scale,
The past two sold. I no sooner listed this one and it got a bid.
French theme miniature dollhouse painting - watercolour and ink.
1920s fashion woman in Paris, France, with purple flowers. Violets?
1:12 scale. I think this is about 1" square.
My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Tuscan Landscapes - watercolor dollshouse miniature paintings

Tuscan landscape, original art, watercolour painting, dollhouse scale, 1:12, Italy, Italian,
Now to today...
I had to 'babysit' a gallery, and so sat & did 4 miniatures. I was going to stick with the Paris/20s fashion theme, but my eye was caught by a Tuscan image in the gallery, and did 2 quick minis with this theme. More fun!
I was pleased with the result. I like these little fun works. I do much more 'serious' works in miniature so this is just a light-hearted approach that I'm wanting to do for the time being.

But I'm also longing to get back to my usual detailed work at some stage.

I will be putting these up on ebay over the next few days.

My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.


2nd Paris poodle dollhouse miniature oriignal artwork 1920s Fashion 1:12 scale watercolour

miniature, original art, watercolour, painting, dollhouse scale, French, Paris, 1920 woman, fashion, poodle, dog,
With the success of the last, I've done this one (these are watercolours). I was startled when I timed the start auction time, and when I checked at this time it already had a bid on it!
The auction hasn't finished yet. Artist: Jillian Crider.

Miniatures can be seen in my galleries on my website. Along with my room box art gallery.

Many people liked this one best.

Paris, Art Deco woman, fashion, poodle - miniature painting dollhouse size - 1:12 scale.

dollhouse, 1:12 scale, miniature painting, artist Jillian Crider, original art, Paris, Art Deco, fashoin lady with poodle,
With the new year, decided to go with an Art Deco theme and stick with minis as didn't want to devote days to just one painting. And wanted to have fun with my art.
The result was this miniature (dollhouse 1:12 scale) which just completed being sold on eBay for $22.52. Watercolour.
I was really pleased as there were multiple bids on it, as well as many viewers.
It just came together. I decided to do an art deco fashion lady. She looked lonely, so I decided to add a dog. A poodle just seemed to be the choice to go with.
Then for fun decided to take it further by setting it in Paris.
My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.

So, guess that is why I decided to do some more! ...

"Tuscan" oil 3x3" miniature landscape

mini landscape art acrylic oil canvas painting by artist jillian crider 3x3"
I've had lots of things happening. Can't believe almost 2 months have gone by since I posted last.

I put the last pastel up on ebay, but didn't sell. I tried several artworks up on eBay - mostly old work, without good results, though I sold one old miniature, so was pleased about that. I wasn't getting people looking at my listings, it seemed really 'slow'.

I did a tiny oil of a Tuscan inspired scene, and didn't get any results from that - not that I really expected to. I am just about to revamp my selling art page on my site, and was going to add it, then thought about documenting it here. It's 3x3" on a gallery wrap canvas. I think I did this in oils.

It's kinda cute! Not sure what I'll do with it.
It was fun to do, anyway.
EDIT. Update: Sold to a wonderful co-worker.