Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Website re-vamp!

Well ... I'm into a MAJOR re-vamp of my site. (
Took off my shopping cart from my 'shop'. Original art, prints & CDRoms etc will NOW be linked direct to PayPal, but opened a gift shop for items that have my art printed on them.

I've heard great reports about the great quality of these! Other artist's doing this report slow sales, but, hey! sales were slow before, and set up of printing costs too much! I LOVE being able to do this ... though you will have to bear with me as I put up my print items, each image to process and upload, etc takes time. So, if you're looking ... come back later for more!

Changed my front page, switching art on it around and showing new art.
No wonder I don't seem to get any actual ART done!