Wednesday, November 24, 2004

NEWS: Catching up.

For friends who check up on my news, other than art stuff, my job involves travel - I get to go all over the USA. I was in Houston, Texas for 2 days last week and have to go again next week for 3 days. With Thanksgiving and Xmas coming up soon travel is quite an adventure! Houston is an interesting place, on the gulf. Warmer than Atlanta, as it's more southern. The circuit around Houston with freeways and the multiple bridges of overpasses at several of the intersections of the circuit kept me intrigued. As well as a bridge over to Baytown. At the top, it was like being in a huge spiderweb. One would NEVER be at a loss to find a Taco food place in Houston. :) I can recommend the BBQ Rib place 'Luther's'! The down point was having to stand in line for security at the airport in Altanta, and making the flight with only minutes to spare!
Life is such an adventure.


Limelight Gallery Exhibition - AAC

I have been proud to organise a juried art exhibition at Binders Art Supplies in Buckhead for the month of November for the Atlanta Artists Center. Sadly it's now coming to an end.


A new job. A solo Exhibition. A new painting or two!

Where do I start?

I began a new job first week in September, so guess that has kept me busy enough, but also had a solo exhibition for the month of October in Thomaston, GA. That was lots of fun and I met some lovely people. I did 2 acrylic paintings especially for it.

The first is a marine scene from my hometown in South Australia (Port Adelaide Yacht Squadron). It was fairly complex due to the many colors and shapes in it. "Xanadu" 14x11" on canvas.

The other one is "Perfection in Pink" and is just 6x6".

I've done some illustrations, and some small watercolors also, I'm sure.