Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Here I go again - re-vamp!

I'm revamping my site! I hope to gain more sales from it, so that I can progress as an artist.

What was totally new and fun to add was the 'MINIATURE GALLERY' ... this is a room (a shop), like a dolls house. I'm building it to store some of my miniature art in. Please visit my site and take a look.


Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Atlanta Artists Center

"Copper Sunset" - took it to AAC - I thought it looked great framed .... the Atlanta Artists Center thought so too. It's now hanging after jury selection, in their latest exhibition, downtown Atlanta (Buckhead).


Went to their meeting last night and had a wonderful speaker: Lorraine King (Larry).


Thursday, July 17, 2003

"Copper Sunset" 5x7" watercolor.

sunset, painting, art, Jillian  Crider, artist, seascape, watercolour, adelaide, watercolor, original,
Did this 2 days ago. A 5x7 watercolor. Uncertain whether to put it in one of the galleries, or sell on eBay.

I tried several mat and frame combinations, but sans mat really added some 'zing' to the sunset!
I changed the frame from gold to copper. Was a good idea!!!

Named it "Copper Sunset".
Hope you like it.


Arrival in Atlanta, Georgia. U.S.A.

I'm now in Atlanta, Georgia. Have just started revamping my website. Hope you like it. Doing it so that my site is more to show the 'business' side of art. It still will be OK to look at for the browsers who love looking at artist's works (I'm one who does that!) :)

But would like to make my art work much more 'saleable'. I will be doing more art while here, along that aim.

I have joined arts Clayton County, and did 3 miniatures in a hurry for their latest exhibition.

Also joined Atlanta Artists Center and have started going Mondays to their nude sketch group. (Life Study)

Also thinking of joining the Georgia Watercolor Society.


"A Deadly Pate" - Ruthe Furie - book cover

a deadly pate, ruthe Fuuurie, book cover, illustration,  illustrator, artist jillian,  Jillian Crider, murder mystery,
Well, since I posted my previous book covers, this is the final one of series of 3, done just over a month ago. Again keeping in the murder mystery theme.