Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"The Rusty Banshee" SFA 5x7" watercolor painting seascape/marine art

I love all things ocean, sea, marine, having grown up just a few hundred yards from a wonderful beach, with ocean docks, wharves just a few miles further up the coast. This is from Crescent City, on the northern Californian coast. A small format artwork (SFA) in watercolor - 5x7".

The rust is what caught my eye most of all. And it's rendered pretty much like it was. I think and hope this rusty old Banshee is getting ready to go out on the waters again some day.

I have this painting up for auction at a low starting price on Daily Paintworks website - HERE. Please check out my other auctions on this site. The house from my previous post is also up for auction on there.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looking for that perfect gift?

Not too early to be thinking Christmas presents. This is the first time I've offered custom 5x7" watercolor portraits (home or ?) 

Think what a wonderful treasured keepsake an original watercolor painting of a much loved home would be for yourself, a close family member, or friend.

It makes for a very personal gift, and can also solve the problem of buying for those that may be difficult to buy for. And one where it's value is not seen as just a price tag - irreplaceable at any cost! It's easy to give as a gift, especially when dealing with increasing shipping charges, this can be sent as a document. Or you can gift it complete with a wonderful frame to add a finishing touch.

A home can mean so much to many. I can work from various images, though a good photograph is usually best. For nearly 20 years I drew houses as a self-employed contractor for Real Estate companies - doing over 9,000. I adore houses and architecture - it is near and dear to my heart, so I'd love to create a lasting treasure for you, too.

I can send a gift certificate if you don't or can't get a photo from your intended gift recipient.

This listing is for an artist's rendering in watercolor, done approximately 5x7" image size - this will usually fit a 8x10" frame, once matted. 

If you like the idea of custom art I offer other variations - please see my other offers here on Etsy in my shop section for custom work: - or convo me on Etsy or email me and we can talk about variations. I can offer many different options for you. You can also order direct from me by emailing me - and I offer discounts for multiple orders.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Two new original collages for Halloween - ACEO art cards.

These are my 11th and 12th ACEO for Halloween. I have such fun creating these. The backing on the art card is a vintage Poe book from 1971. The old handwriting behind the transparency is from the turn of the 19-20th century - over 100 years old. The bat paper is old, too, though the printing of bats is current. I've added brads, then whatever seemed to pique my creativity to embellish and enhance these.
In particular it was fun to shrink down an old dictionary page, and use the image to put black cats on, then print and turn it all into a bunting/banner for the little girl witch art card.

I'm offering them for sale on eBay only at the moment. Why not check them out?
You'll find my Halloween listings HERE.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A new SFA watercolor today - Mothers & children paddling in park stream.

New today - "The Paddlers" original watercolor SFA (Small Format Art) 4x6" (postcard size). A group of children with their mothers padding in a beautiful park stream (Lithia Park, Ashland. Oregon). The joys of childhood & motherhood! Available on Etsy.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

#7-10 ACEO art cards - Halloween theme - original ACEOs

Number 7-10 in a series. ACEO Halloween theme using unique papers, and vintage images. Some pages are over 100 years old, handwritten, and all are on a Poe book from the early 1970s. Original collages art cards. These are listed by me - artistjillian on eBay.  But thought you might like to see my collages using digital images.

Check out my Halloween listings HERE.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Numbering my ACEO art cards was up to a number ending in 13, so instead of creating one ACEO with that number I am doing a mini series of Halloween original collage art cards.
I've completed the first 6 in this series, and not sure how many I'll continue doing, the elements used are the same, but the look is different for each. 

I use a page from a 1971 Edgar Allan Poe book, bats printed onto a very old book page, part of a ledger with handwriting over 100 years old. Vintage and antique images of Halloween themes printed onto a transparency, which is secured with metal brad shapes.

I then add a few elements that seem 'appropriate' for that particular image - these included antique and specialty papers, real leaves, and other things that just seem to 'fit'.

Fun to do.

I'm listing them on eBay - so you can see my Halloween art offerings HERE.
Or else view ALL my eBay art listings HERE.