Monday, February 17, 2003

Book Cover Illustration - #2 - Ruthe Furie - Murder Mystery

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What am I doing right now?
Doing a second book & CD cover for a murder mystery by Ruthe Furie.
The first one was (see above):

I am following on with the theme of 'hot' citrus colours - the next to be either tangerine or lemon.
The dagger with blood is to be repeated.
The illustration is in 'black and white' - reminiscent of the murder/mystery movies, etc of the 50s - Hitchcock, etc.
I'm expecting to finish it in the next couple of days.
As an artist viewing my unfinished work I am just SO tempted to throw it away as 'trash' as it's not up to a standard I want to present.
And yet I have to have faith to continue on, as know that will nearly all my work I have that stage to pass through, and rarely does my work go on to being NOT acceptable - transforming unbelievable before my very eyes!