Saturday, December 25, 2004

"Venetian Glass Blowers" Large Watercolor painting.

Merry Christmas to all. I've missed out on being organised this Christmas (nothing new!), though this is mainly due to working on a large watercolour (20x27"). I'm trying to get it done for a competition/exhibiton.
I finally finished it today. I started it on the 10th December.
All I can see are the flaws!
It's title "Venetian Glass Blowers" - for reference I used a photo taken a long time ago of some men at work - a chance discovery in Venice. I hope to go back there one day.
Anyway, here it is...


Sunday, December 05, 2004

Angel screenprint.

Yesterday I submitted 3 works in for an exhibition that was judged.
2 'traditional' works were rejected.
The good news is that one was accepted. It was a 'first' for me - submitting a screenprint - or something 'different'. I suspect that if I had painted this, it would not have been accepted. However, since it was a screenprint, it was.
"An Angel To Watch Over You"

Maybe I should enter into a debate on art. I know where my thoughts are.
What do YOU think?


This will be the only print I ever do of this.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

NEWS: Catching up.

For friends who check up on my news, other than art stuff, my job involves travel - I get to go all over the USA. I was in Houston, Texas for 2 days last week and have to go again next week for 3 days. With Thanksgiving and Xmas coming up soon travel is quite an adventure! Houston is an interesting place, on the gulf. Warmer than Atlanta, as it's more southern. The circuit around Houston with freeways and the multiple bridges of overpasses at several of the intersections of the circuit kept me intrigued. As well as a bridge over to Baytown. At the top, it was like being in a huge spiderweb. One would NEVER be at a loss to find a Taco food place in Houston. :) I can recommend the BBQ Rib place 'Luther's'! The down point was having to stand in line for security at the airport in Altanta, and making the flight with only minutes to spare!
Life is such an adventure.


Limelight Gallery Exhibition - AAC

I have been proud to organise a juried art exhibition at Binders Art Supplies in Buckhead for the month of November for the Atlanta Artists Center. Sadly it's now coming to an end.


A new job. A solo Exhibition. A new painting or two!

Where do I start?

I began a new job first week in September, so guess that has kept me busy enough, but also had a solo exhibition for the month of October in Thomaston, GA. That was lots of fun and I met some lovely people. I did 2 acrylic paintings especially for it.

The first is a marine scene from my hometown in South Australia (Port Adelaide Yacht Squadron). It was fairly complex due to the many colors and shapes in it. "Xanadu" 14x11" on canvas.

The other one is "Perfection in Pink" and is just 6x6".

I've done some illustrations, and some small watercolors also, I'm sure.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Pastel "Nation Pride" Rodeo Indian.

I love some of the images of rodeos.
I've already done some paintings from my rodeo scenes, one winning a major award in 2001.
I did this one last week. I will 'bite the bullet' and enter it in some competitions. I haven't done this from slides before, so this is all new for me.
It will be interesting and already has been.
Herewith my efforts. It's a pastel. Probably about 26" x 19". I entitled it 'Nation Pride'. I find it a powerful image. Hope you think so, too.
Even though his horse doesn't feature, I think it's a wonderful horse study, too.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"The Barrel Racer" Miniature Watercolor painting

Phew, but I've been busy!
I've done a whole lot of miniatures as offerings on ebay, and sold quite a few. I have been playing around with graphics, making miniature views and faux stained glass for dollhouses and roomboxes.
I have decided to pursue teaching as much as possible. In particular screen printing, as I have taught many things over the years, and get a lot of enjoyment out of it.
Therefore a new site has been born - - to deal just with teaching. I love that it has a calendar on it, as well as a mailing list for people interested in classes.
I've also taken a leap into listing my art on 'ArtByUs' after putting on ebay first. It stops me from coding an art shop on my site. So hope that it works. I have already made one sale from it.
Now... I stayed up all night. I'll let you be judge if it was worth it. I was suddenly inspired and had to do another miniature - one with a lot more care than some of my usual. This is the result. It's "Barrel Racer", a cowgirl at a rodeo. It's watercolour, a miniature sized just 1 3/4" x 2 3/8" (4.7 x 6 cm).
If it doesn't sell on ebay, I'll keep it, possibly even might enter it in a miniature exhibition.

Hope you like it.

Friday, July 16, 2004

"Seven Words for Sand" Book Cover Illustration/design

Finished a book cover last night, that also has to be in CDRom format.
I did a cover for the same author (Allan Serifino) just over a year ago.
I'll be putting it up on my website soon.


Miniature paintings.

Well, I've revamped my site. Except for the commercial images for sale. I turned my sales over to ArtByUs for convenience sake. I've added more links. There is a bit more to do, but not immediate.
I currently have miniatures up on ebay, and trying to keep them there. I sold quite a few last week, including the beach girls in previous post. I was sad to see that one go. I would have kept it, if it hadn't sold.
This watercolor landscape sold, and is headed for Seattle.

It is from the Dry Creek Wetlands - a wild bird reserve in Adelaide, South Australia.
Forgotten the size, but at largest is probably 2.5 inches.
I did this purple rose last night in acrylics, on canvas. Again from SA - a garden in Findon.

It's 2x2.5" and I've just put it on ebay (see link from my home page).
There's more, as well as more to come.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Dr Arvin Scott - Percussion genius! Athens, Georgia

Last night made a 75 mile trip to a bed & breakfast old mansion below Athens, Georgia to a jazz on the lawn, performance. It featured Dr Arvin Scott, percussion professor at UGA. What a treat! The rain held off (deluge and spectacular lightning accompanied the drive home). The soft twilight and balmy conditions, a gorgeous setting, lightning bugs and other delights all around. A garden full of gorgeous plants, water features and sculptures.

A lovely night to share.
UPDATE - 30th October 2011
Sorry, can't find these images. If I come across them I'll post them. I still remember this magical night.
Find Arvin's CDs on CDbaby website!

More miniature paintings.

Sunday night I decided it was about time I put some works up on ebay after a friend commented on looking at my 'new' site, and mentioned not seeing anything on ebay. Easiest way was to do some miniatures. I did 3 watercolors and 2 acrylics - am posting some of them up there now.
This one is my favourite - an acrylic on canvas. Just 1.5x2.75 inches!

Click on my ebay link to see current listings - check back if listings aren't up yet. I am hoping to do more really soon.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Georgia Real Estate House sketches - Dawsonville

For the past month or two I have been working on converting architect plans into sketches of established homes for a North Georgia Real Estate agent. Quite a challenge as the homes do not 'exist'. Today I delivered the final work. I've now included one of the images in my black & white gallery.

I've also managed to progress more with my site, and have revamped up till my pastel gallery.
Next project a book cover then a commissioned sketch of a wonderful home that is indeed a castle!

Monday, June 21, 2004

Revamping again ...!!!!

I'm revamping my site ... finally. The home page and 'illustrations' changed so far. Still have a long way to go. But think it will be easier to view the larger images, and also should be easier to present works for sale from my site, which would be great. I've just had a cover design for a book approved - with raves! Now I just have to live up to expectations. I need to do a sketch of a guy's home that is a spectacular castle, and have some real estate sketches I've done, to color. Still finishing off the cartoon illustration project. As well as trying to do some creative artwork for myself. I took 700 rodeo photos Saturday night, and I'm itching to do some paintings from them. I also want to do some more roses (I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm sure!), as these seem to be readily accepted into galleries. I have 4, including the one in the last post at a gallery with an opening reception Friday night. I have 2 small ones at another small community gallery.
I'm definitely on an adventure.
Life is always a surprise, as is *art*.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

"Peaches and Cream" Acrylic Painting of Roses.

Well, this is a 14x18" acrylic painting I've been working on most of the week. Biggest I've done so far. Not sure how many hours in this. Quite a few, I suspect. The frame is only a virtual graphic 'display', not actual.


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Back of the miniature art gallery roombox.

There is a false 'door' on the back of the gallery, suggesting a back room or classroom.
To the left is a stand with fern, and a filligree 'iron' trunk to store artworks (works I didn't want to frame). The 2 paintings here are also my watercolours.
The nude Greek God statue is from my origins of loving art - reading about them in old encyclopedias, and my wicked sense of humour to have a nude male. The 'god' is leaning on a LION - again a link to my starsign (Leo).
To do a miniature gallery is a lot of fun, so might as well have as much fun with it as I can!
Hope you enjoy it.
~Jillian (more photos of gallery on there - see 'galleries')

Back part of the miniature art gallery roombox

Forgot to say that the palette also has brushes.
This photo is the back of the gallery. There is a gallery sofa and a beautifully carved table for the opening food - with wings and meatballs and dipping sauce. I jug of punch with lemons, as well as 2 glasses of punch with lemon and straws. A cheese tray. There is a lion 'sculpture' - a symbol of my starsign (leo). There are also a couple of champagne glasses on the table, and a wine cup.
The back 'cabinet' has 2 bottles of wine, one of champagne. Champagne glasses and wine cups. There is a guest book with actual pages. There is a sea captain 'sculpture' - a symbol of my link to the ocean and to replicate a friend's link to the navy.
Both watercolors are by me! :)
Naturally I have LOTS of paintings to add to this room, yet to be done!


This is the left side of the gallery. The framed art are miniature watercolours I've done. The desk has a lamp, artist's sketchbook, desk can with pencil, scissors and ruler. There is also a phone and a decorative clock. As said before - the drawers of the davenport contain books for accounting, money and also door keys.
There is a canvas on easel for painting (at some stage I'll do some 'work-in-progress' on the 'canvas'). There is a glass of water with brushes, and palette with paint tubes on a small table. Desk chair, magazine rack and small gallery dog.

~Jillian (more photos of gallery on there - see 'galleries')

miniature art gallery room box - interior

This is photo looking direct into the miniature gallery 'room' with the facade removed.
This miniature gallery came about from my desire to again have a gallery, so this is one way I can! But also I needed storage for my mini works of art. What better storage than a miniature art GALLERY! :)
To the left is a davenport, with drawers filled with money and accounting books. :) When not working on business, the gallery artist can indulge in painting, hence the easel and paints.

~Jillian (more photos of gallery on there - see 'galleries')

miniature art gallery room box

miniature art, tiny art, original art, paintings, gallery, room box, miniature art gallery, working studio, exhibition, opening,
I received some of my missing pieces of my miniature art gallery recently, so have set about finishing it off. I still need more to do on the shop facade, windows, and side of the 'room'. As well as do more artworks to frame for the walls. Or even purchase more artworks to add, done by other artists.

It was good to give a final coat of paint to this. Because of attending a recent Art Gallery opening, I decided that I would portray my gallery as a working studio/gallery and have a perpetual exhibition 'opening' complete with food and drink. :) Fun!

Here is the front/facade - some of it. Windows are repeated on the right. I will put on signs, posters and faux finishes, but am still deciding what I want to do.

~Jillian (more photos of gallery on there - see 'galleries')

Monday, April 19, 2004

Sope Creek Apartments, Marietta, Georgia, Atlanta, dogwood, flowers, blooms, blossoms, spring,
Dogwoods in Atlanta.
How do you describe pure delight and discovery?
Why did I never discover these from when I was here before (1975-1983)?
The dogwoods are scattered throughout the woods that abound in Atlanta.
The blossoms are large - just 4 petals. Delicate. They are held on delicate limbs, with no leaves, so they 'float' through the air. They follow the sun, and the spring sun makes the white such a bright color.
How you you describe looking at lace delicately but abundantly sprinkled throughout the taller trees just regaining their green after the bareness of winter? The white such a contrast to the dark trunks and sparce greenery that becomes a jungle of green with the sultry summer humidity.
The delicate white blossoms appear as if they float on air. Truly magical fairy wings fluttering.
The large petals make it seem as if a cloud of delicate white butterflies has drifted to earth to filter through the forest, and reach out to delight the heart and eye. They appear in unexpected places, suddenly and briefly, to add joy to the day, for they are the art of today. Enjoy! It does the soul so good and adds poetry to the heart that sighs within one's existence.

Spring is hell for hayfever sufferers. The blossoms are incredible. Azaelias are gorgeous, the pollen shows on the cars. This is the apartment group that I live in, and the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup (country cadillac) that I'm driving.


30th October 2011 - update I lost all my images so have just replaced one of them. Sorry.

All moments are fleeting ...

Be grateful for every moment of life.
All moments are fleeting and once past, are gone forever.

From some of my childhood memories I'd love to bring back again, even of such simple things as Xmas dinner at my Aunt's - to moments of sharing another's touch and warmth and glow.


Where am I?

sope creek, marietta, Georgia, my apartment, artistjillian, jillian crider, moved, change,
I get emails from friends asking where am I - and then saying that they are looking on my site at my blog to catch up with my latest news. I think this means that probably I am going to have to update with more than art news.
Life is an adventure. Never more so than now.

The twists and turns of life can never be assumed or taken for granted. In many ways I'm not pleased at my change of plans, but at the same time, I have shouted to the heavens that I will not let things get me 'down'.

The adventures I am on are currently a curiousity and I will ride them as I feel myself grow with them, letting my passion and zest for life touch and caress the world around as I pass through this transition to the future which lays firmly ahead in the unknown, untried zone.
I am in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Marietta, in fact. Home of the big chicken. What a boon to say I live on the same road as the big chicken - run a search on 'big chicken' - you'll find it! I remember it from 20+ years ago when I lived in nearby Smyrna.

I guess it's part of re-living some of my past, moving away from my son who lives south-side of this incredible city that seems to constantly be on the move.

An appropriate city for one in transition.
Come with me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Artwork Juried into AAC Traveling art show.

acrylic paintings, white roses, artistjillian, jillian crider, traveling art show, Tuscan Garden, fishpond, nude statue, framed art,
I had one of my paintings juried into the traveling art show (32nd annual) of Atlanta Artists Center - about to go to venues in Georgia.
It was judged by Bruce Bobick - a professor at the Uni, west. One of 51 chosen to tour out of 133 submitted.

It always is fabulous to think that your work is CHOSEN to be exhibited.
It is the white roses that I posted on here from last year.
I am also the director of that show, so that makes life kind of interesting, too.
Just now finishing up illustrations for a children's book, and a non-fiction book that is using 'cartoon' style illustrations.
Then have a book cover to do for the same author I did 'Blood Jaguar' cover.
In the middle of several interesting projects. So will try to keep up with this some more.
Thanks for looking. Hi to my friends who keep saying that they look here to see what I've been up to!
Life is a soap opera! Just living in one at the moment.
Spring is coming. Ahhhh but I want to get out and PAINT just SO much!
Hope to.

"Hearts And Diamonds" - Illustration.

hearts and diamonds, short story, artist jillian, Jillian Crider, ink illustralia, original art, Futures, fashion women, cafe, coffee,

Hearts and Diamonds - an illustration I did for a magazine. "Futures for story tellers". Murder, mystery and mayhem. Short stories.
Women in urban setting with coffee at a cafe, and some men.
Can't say more - can't give the story away. :)


"The Man Across The Street" - Illustration.

man, street, suburb, ink illustration, artist Jillian Crider, spying, creepy, Bonzer, magazine, artist jillian, Jillian Crider,
Oh my, how suddenly my life has changed the last 2 months! Moved across town.
And side of Atlanta to the other.

More illustrations for Futures magazine. (Murder, mystery, mayhem). Ink.


Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"Addiction" Chocolate and love - illustration for Bonzer magazine.

chocolate, watecolour, love, candy hearts, sweets, lollies, heart-shaped, box, original painting, artist jillian, Jillian Crider, SFA, Small Format art, illustrralia, Bonzer,
I had to do an illustration for a magazine 'Bonzer!'.
I was given the theme 'Addiction'.

The release is for the month of February.
Seemed obvious to apply Valentines theme - CHOCOLATE and LOVE!
True addictions. *grin*

I've put it up on ebay. 10x6"
Thanks for looking.

More success with dollhouse miniature paintings.

France, Paris, French, woman, violets, purple, 1920, women, fashion, miniature art, original art, painting, watercolour, ink, tiny, small, dollhouse, 1:12 scale,
The past two sold. I no sooner listed this one and it got a bid.
French theme miniature dollhouse painting - watercolour and ink.
1920s fashion woman in Paris, France, with purple flowers. Violets?
1:12 scale. I think this is about 1" square.
My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.


Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Tuscan Landscapes - watercolor dollshouse miniature paintings

Tuscan landscape, original art, watercolour painting, dollhouse scale, 1:12, Italy, Italian,
Now to today...
I had to 'babysit' a gallery, and so sat & did 4 miniatures. I was going to stick with the Paris/20s fashion theme, but my eye was caught by a Tuscan image in the gallery, and did 2 quick minis with this theme. More fun!
I was pleased with the result. I like these little fun works. I do much more 'serious' works in miniature so this is just a light-hearted approach that I'm wanting to do for the time being.

But I'm also longing to get back to my usual detailed work at some stage.

I will be putting these up on ebay over the next few days.

My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.


2nd Paris poodle dollhouse miniature oriignal artwork 1920s Fashion 1:12 scale watercolour

miniature, original art, watercolour, painting, dollhouse scale, French, Paris, 1920 woman, fashion, poodle, dog,
With the success of the last, I've done this one (these are watercolours). I was startled when I timed the start auction time, and when I checked at this time it already had a bid on it!
The auction hasn't finished yet. Artist: Jillian Crider.

Miniatures can be seen in my galleries on my website. Along with my room box art gallery.

Many people liked this one best.

Paris, Art Deco woman, fashion, poodle - miniature painting dollhouse size - 1:12 scale.

dollhouse, 1:12 scale, miniature painting, artist Jillian Crider, original art, Paris, Art Deco, fashoin lady with poodle,
With the new year, decided to go with an Art Deco theme and stick with minis as didn't want to devote days to just one painting. And wanted to have fun with my art.
The result was this miniature (dollhouse 1:12 scale) which just completed being sold on eBay for $22.52. Watercolour.
I was really pleased as there were multiple bids on it, as well as many viewers.
It just came together. I decided to do an art deco fashion lady. She looked lonely, so I decided to add a dog. A poodle just seemed to be the choice to go with.
Then for fun decided to take it further by setting it in Paris.
My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.

So, guess that is why I decided to do some more! ...

"Tuscan" oil 3x3" miniature landscape

mini landscape art acrylic oil canvas painting by artist jillian crider 3x3"
I've had lots of things happening. Can't believe almost 2 months have gone by since I posted last.

I put the last pastel up on ebay, but didn't sell. I tried several artworks up on eBay - mostly old work, without good results, though I sold one old miniature, so was pleased about that. I wasn't getting people looking at my listings, it seemed really 'slow'.

I did a tiny oil of a Tuscan inspired scene, and didn't get any results from that - not that I really expected to. I am just about to revamp my selling art page on my site, and was going to add it, then thought about documenting it here. It's 3x3" on a gallery wrap canvas. I think I did this in oils.

It's kinda cute! Not sure what I'll do with it.
It was fun to do, anyway.
EDIT. Update: Sold to a wonderful co-worker.