Thursday, May 19, 2005

Newspaper review includes MY art - Quinlan Art Center, Gainesville.

Well, the Traveling show from February is now in Gainesville, north of Atlanta.
The Quinlan is a fabulous venue, and the reception last week was a treat.
We also had a great showing in Dawsonville and Carrollton.
Today I received the review in the Gainesville newspaper. As the director for it I was so proud to get a terrific write-up. But one remark re MY artwork caught me by surprise.
Jillian Crider's "Dawn Beach Trotters" is another example of astonishing technique."
NO! I didn't write it myself or pay for it *grin*.
So proud of the whole show. Here's the review. I have no idea how long this link will be 'good'.

This is a fairly large watercolor - probably about 20x15" or so?


Monday, May 09, 2005

This month's art happenings.

This month's 'salon' will be on sketching and painting from models, still lifes, and plein air.
The traveling show has reached its last venue - The Quinlan Arts Center in Gainesville. It opens on the 12th with an art reception, and goes until end July.
A wonderful and impressive venue. I am glad my work was juried into the show so that it can hang there. Of course I'm glad to hang my art at the other venues too, and would be sad if I missed out!
Have some art competitions coming up. I guess I need to get my mind on some competition quality artworks!
I have become active in making ACEOs on ebay - these are Art Trading Cards - just 2.5x3.5" at great prices. If you want good art for great prices, go look. Search on ebay on Crider, or link from my site.

"Daybreak" horse at dawn on beach - watercolor painting

Yet again had an artwork juried into the monthly show at Buckhead. This is 6 months in a row that I've had work in.
I always find it interesting that work that gets rejected one show, gets accepted the next, as was in this case.
It was a watercolor of a horse on a beach at daybreak - a smaller version of a large one done previously. I named it 'Daybreak'.