Saturday, October 30, 2010

Finished Oil Painting ...

Just finished tonight, this oil painting.
Found out its 14x8.5" - don't know why I thought it was 11x9"!
I haven't got a title for it yet.
Someone suggested a song - music/melody.
To me it's like 'peeking through' foliage, but it just doesn't suit it.
It's a house in Georgia. Can't remember where, exactly.



Friday, October 29, 2010

What is THAT? Search using the image to find out...

Fun searches.
What landmark? What insect? What artwork?

Macroglossia - a visual search engine... put in your image, and it will search to find out what it is...

.... or you can try google goggles ...


Is that artwork image stolen?

Check out on a reverse image search engine - TINEYE


Find out if someone has stolen YOUR image.

I'm sure this will help some people out!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

What's currently on my easel: WIP - 9x11" oil of a house

I primed the canvas orange. Oil. 11x9" gallery-wrap canvas.

This is a house in Georgia. It's not meant as an exact architectural image. Just working on something 'pretty' (I hope).

Still have a way to go yet. Have a few things to correct/refine.


Saturday, October 09, 2010

All in one place: SFA art available for purchase.

Currently for sale, images with links to selling sites:

Small format and Miniature Art: Jillian Crider

If you're a small format artist (SFA) maybe you'd like to have a look around the site, it's not just a site for me - it's for promoting SFA in general.


Halloween + Pumpkins! It's that time of the year!

My first ACEO (collectible art, just 2.5x3.5") I've done in ages. A watercolor:

I've listed it for 5 days on eBay.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

I've also listed a lot of older artworks at greatly reduced prices.

Thanks for looking.