Friday, February 28, 2003

Pen & Wash Art Joural Sketching Lesson @ "The Framer"

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The 8th of May, 2003 I am teaching a class on pen and wash journal sketching. I love to teach, especially informally. I love to see the students get delight from their artwork, and I usually get lots of positive feedback. Seems funny teaching as I never really learnt to draw & paint but I've taught other things that I've taught myself, too, so guess this is no different.
My classes are fun.


2 Illustrations done for "Futures For Story Lovers" Magazine

Illustration - Futures for Story Lovers - Murder Mystery Mayhem German war after life artist Jillian Crider
illustration furtures for story lovers murder mystery mayhem tropical cruise boat skull skeletton artist Jillian Crider dining eating, drinking champagne

Two more illustrations done. Black and white. These are for futures magazine. I've been doing 2 each quarter for 5 issues now. One story is of a thief on a ship cruise eating exotic food, the other is of Nazi's after death. (That's all I'll say without giving the stories away.) The Futures magazine is available at Borders in the USA, and not sure about Barnes & Noble.

Think the website is: .
They are 5x5"

I like 'pretty' things and so is way off the track with doing these. But enjoy that they make me think a lot, as to how to best depict what the story is about, and maybe look at it differently than trying to tell a picture with words - more it's a matter of impact and symbolism.

They are only quick works as I don't get paid much at all. Fun!

You be the judge!

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Here's my latest book cover illustration!

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Well, here is the next book cover in this series of murder mysteries. I did a full tomato instead of a cut one, but it didn't work, being greyscale, so then I decided to cut it. Originally submitted the cover with just vegetables on it, as per a previous cover, but then decided that even with a dagger it still wouldn't be dramatic enough to spell out 'murder' - so I then decided on the lifeless hand in some sort of farm field suggested environment (the murder happened on an organic farm, hence the title).

2am, and I have to be up just after 6am!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Website re-vamp!

Well ... I'm into a MAJOR re-vamp of my site. (
Took off my shopping cart from my 'shop'. Original art, prints & CDRoms etc will NOW be linked direct to PayPal, but opened a gift shop for items that have my art printed on them.

I've heard great reports about the great quality of these! Other artist's doing this report slow sales, but, hey! sales were slow before, and set up of printing costs too much! I LOVE being able to do this ... though you will have to bear with me as I put up my print items, each image to process and upload, etc takes time. So, if you're looking ... come back later for more!

Changed my front page, switching art on it around and showing new art.
No wonder I don't seem to get any actual ART done!

Monday, February 17, 2003

Book Cover Illustration - #2 - Ruthe Furie - Murder Mystery

book cover, illustration, artist, illustrator, murder, mystery, novel, artist jillian, Jillian Crider, ornate dagger, face, horror,
What am I doing right now?
Doing a second book & CD cover for a murder mystery by Ruthe Furie.
The first one was (see above):

I am following on with the theme of 'hot' citrus colours - the next to be either tangerine or lemon.
The dagger with blood is to be repeated.
The illustration is in 'black and white' - reminiscent of the murder/mystery movies, etc of the 50s - Hitchcock, etc.
I'm expecting to finish it in the next couple of days.
As an artist viewing my unfinished work I am just SO tempted to throw it away as 'trash' as it's not up to a standard I want to present.
And yet I have to have faith to continue on, as know that will nearly all my work I have that stage to pass through, and rarely does my work go on to being NOT acceptable - transforming unbelievable before my very eyes!

Welcome to my blog.

I procrastinate and find it difficult to keep up with what's new. So this is my endeavour to do this in a different kinda way.
Thank you for your interest in my work, and the artist within.