Saturday, October 04, 2003

"Sunkist Starburst" 11x14" Acrylic painting of Roses

sunkist starburst red pink roses on bush painting by artist Jillian Crider Grady Hospital Atlanta Georgia
This one finished Wednesday night, after about 25 hours work.
"Sunkist Starburst"

Took it in today (took the photo on the passenger side of the car) to Atlanta Artist's Center to be juried. Tagged for donation to Grady Hospital.
Not only was it accepted, but won an award of recognition.
It's 11x14".
It will be part of a re-decoration program with a big social event mid-January.

I can submit 3 more pieces to sell at that time if I want, and will mingle with 600 guests who will be who's who, of Atlanta.