Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts group on eBay

Update ...

The ebay group 'ATC & ACEO Enthusiasts' has now grown to 2,400 members, and growing daily. If you'd like an invite, email me with your ebayid, so I can send an invitation, same with SFA.

My most recent photo adventures are of cowboys and indians as I attended 2 festivals in the last month. Now I just need time to paint! I got some wonderful reference photos.

Stay tuned ...


30th October 2011.
Membership is at 7,700+

Cowboy artwork - the story continues...

A lump in my throat ...
Saturday I went to a cowboy symposium, north of Atlanta. I went to the same one, last year. Last year I talked to many of the exhibitors, there were some great 'characters' showing the crafts of yesteryear, I took hundreds of photos. I told some people about my art, there were artists there, but also spoke to the people I took photos of. Not long after that visit I did an ink sketch as an ACEO of one of the 'cowboy' characters who had posed for me. I listed it, it didn't get much attention, but did get one late bid, and sold. When I went to pack it, the address was North Georgia, the emails I got seemed like the person knew me, but I was too embarrassed to ask 'Do I know you?'
I wondered if it might have been 'my' cowboy subject. No sooner did I arrive at the symposium than I was face to face with my subject. 'Do you remember me?' I asked. He did. So I asked if he had bought my ACEO. No. He knew nothing about it. He wanted to see it and took my card with website so he could see it.I walked away puzzled - ok, if he didn't buy it. Who did?Was I imagining the feeling that someone I 'knew' had bought it? Not long afterwards I was walking towards the blacksmith's stall, and I saw his name in amongst his signs, and knew it was he that had bought it.
I talked to him, and thanked him. He told me how much he loved it, how he 'had' to have it. He told me he loves handmade items and usually only buys handmade items for his house/office. My work is framed and in his office, he even told me where, and how everyone comments on it. But what he said, after that was the reason I'm writing this. He said to me...I only buy handmade things. Anyone can go into a store and buy a picture, etc. for $20. Walk outside the store, and you would be lucky to get 50cents if you put it in a garage sale. "Your painting is different. It won't be going in no garage sale. It is already earmarked to be passed on to my grandson when I'm gone, and he knows that it is something to be treasured, and I am sure he will pass it on to his heirs, too - your art will live forever, and I was so happy that you gave me the opportunity to own your art."
Talk about a lump in my throat. ~Jillian

UPDATE: 30th October, 2011
I think this is the artwork I'm talking about.