Monday, June 21, 2004

Revamping again ...!!!!

I'm revamping my site ... finally. The home page and 'illustrations' changed so far. Still have a long way to go. But think it will be easier to view the larger images, and also should be easier to present works for sale from my site, which would be great. I've just had a cover design for a book approved - with raves! Now I just have to live up to expectations. I need to do a sketch of a guy's home that is a spectacular castle, and have some real estate sketches I've done, to color. Still finishing off the cartoon illustration project. As well as trying to do some creative artwork for myself. I took 700 rodeo photos Saturday night, and I'm itching to do some paintings from them. I also want to do some more roses (I'm a glutton for punishment, I'm sure!), as these seem to be readily accepted into galleries. I have 4, including the one in the last post at a gallery with an opening reception Friday night. I have 2 small ones at another small community gallery.
I'm definitely on an adventure.
Life is always a surprise, as is *art*.

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