Friday, July 16, 2004

Miniature paintings.

Well, I've revamped my site. Except for the commercial images for sale. I turned my sales over to ArtByUs for convenience sake. I've added more links. There is a bit more to do, but not immediate.
I currently have miniatures up on ebay, and trying to keep them there. I sold quite a few last week, including the beach girls in previous post. I was sad to see that one go. I would have kept it, if it hadn't sold.
This watercolor landscape sold, and is headed for Seattle.

It is from the Dry Creek Wetlands - a wild bird reserve in Adelaide, South Australia.
Forgotten the size, but at largest is probably 2.5 inches.
I did this purple rose last night in acrylics, on canvas. Again from SA - a garden in Findon.

It's 2x2.5" and I've just put it on ebay (see link from my home page).
There's more, as well as more to come.

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