Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Paris, Art Deco woman, fashion, poodle - miniature painting dollhouse size - 1:12 scale.

dollhouse, 1:12 scale, miniature painting, artist Jillian Crider, original art, Paris, Art Deco, fashoin lady with poodle,
With the new year, decided to go with an Art Deco theme and stick with minis as didn't want to devote days to just one painting. And wanted to have fun with my art.
The result was this miniature (dollhouse 1:12 scale) which just completed being sold on eBay for $22.52. Watercolour.
I was really pleased as there were multiple bids on it, as well as many viewers.
It just came together. I decided to do an art deco fashion lady. She looked lonely, so I decided to add a dog. A poodle just seemed to be the choice to go with.
Then for fun decided to take it further by setting it in Paris.
My miniature paintings can be viewed on my website, in 'Galleries'.

So, guess that is why I decided to do some more! ...