Thursday, June 10, 2004

Back part of the miniature art gallery roombox

Forgot to say that the palette also has brushes.
This photo is the back of the gallery. There is a gallery sofa and a beautifully carved table for the opening food - with wings and meatballs and dipping sauce. I jug of punch with lemons, as well as 2 glasses of punch with lemon and straws. A cheese tray. There is a lion 'sculpture' - a symbol of my starsign (leo). There are also a couple of champagne glasses on the table, and a wine cup.
The back 'cabinet' has 2 bottles of wine, one of champagne. Champagne glasses and wine cups. There is a guest book with actual pages. There is a sea captain 'sculpture' - a symbol of my link to the ocean and to replicate a friend's link to the navy.
Both watercolors are by me! :)
Naturally I have LOTS of paintings to add to this room, yet to be done!


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