Tuesday, January 13, 2004

"Tuscan" oil 3x3" miniature landscape

mini landscape art acrylic oil canvas painting by artist jillian crider 3x3"
I've had lots of things happening. Can't believe almost 2 months have gone by since I posted last.

I put the last pastel up on ebay, but didn't sell. I tried several artworks up on eBay - mostly old work, without good results, though I sold one old miniature, so was pleased about that. I wasn't getting people looking at my listings, it seemed really 'slow'.

I did a tiny oil of a Tuscan inspired scene, and didn't get any results from that - not that I really expected to. I am just about to revamp my selling art page on my site, and was going to add it, then thought about documenting it here. It's 3x3" on a gallery wrap canvas. I think I did this in oils.

It's kinda cute! Not sure what I'll do with it.
It was fun to do, anyway.
EDIT. Update: Sold to a wonderful co-worker.