Monday, April 19, 2004

Sope Creek Apartments, Marietta, Georgia, Atlanta, dogwood, flowers, blooms, blossoms, spring,
Dogwoods in Atlanta.
How do you describe pure delight and discovery?
Why did I never discover these from when I was here before (1975-1983)?
The dogwoods are scattered throughout the woods that abound in Atlanta.
The blossoms are large - just 4 petals. Delicate. They are held on delicate limbs, with no leaves, so they 'float' through the air. They follow the sun, and the spring sun makes the white such a bright color.
How you you describe looking at lace delicately but abundantly sprinkled throughout the taller trees just regaining their green after the bareness of winter? The white such a contrast to the dark trunks and sparce greenery that becomes a jungle of green with the sultry summer humidity.
The delicate white blossoms appear as if they float on air. Truly magical fairy wings fluttering.
The large petals make it seem as if a cloud of delicate white butterflies has drifted to earth to filter through the forest, and reach out to delight the heart and eye. They appear in unexpected places, suddenly and briefly, to add joy to the day, for they are the art of today. Enjoy! It does the soul so good and adds poetry to the heart that sighs within one's existence.

Spring is hell for hayfever sufferers. The blossoms are incredible. Azaelias are gorgeous, the pollen shows on the cars. This is the apartment group that I live in, and the Dodge Ram 1500 pickup (country cadillac) that I'm driving.


30th October 2011 - update I lost all my images so have just replaced one of them. Sorry.