Monday, April 19, 2004

Where am I?

sope creek, marietta, Georgia, my apartment, artistjillian, jillian crider, moved, change,
I get emails from friends asking where am I - and then saying that they are looking on my site at my blog to catch up with my latest news. I think this means that probably I am going to have to update with more than art news.
Life is an adventure. Never more so than now.

The twists and turns of life can never be assumed or taken for granted. In many ways I'm not pleased at my change of plans, but at the same time, I have shouted to the heavens that I will not let things get me 'down'.

The adventures I am on are currently a curiousity and I will ride them as I feel myself grow with them, letting my passion and zest for life touch and caress the world around as I pass through this transition to the future which lays firmly ahead in the unknown, untried zone.
I am in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Marietta, in fact. Home of the big chicken. What a boon to say I live on the same road as the big chicken - run a search on 'big chicken' - you'll find it! I remember it from 20+ years ago when I lived in nearby Smyrna.

I guess it's part of re-living some of my past, moving away from my son who lives south-side of this incredible city that seems to constantly be on the move.

An appropriate city for one in transition.
Come with me.

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