Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Buy my art direct from me though online gallery BLUETHUMB (Jillian Crider)

I am offering my art for sale on the BlueThumb website  so that it is easy to purchase in a professional manner.

I can show my work in a gallery environment - buy with confidence, and with even some 'easy buy' options.  All work has a COA (certificate of authenticity). My work is sent from me personally, but BlueThumb handles all the details.

I currently have 24 artworks on this site, and even though it is a site for Australian artists, their sales Internationally are expanding rapidly.

They have help for collectors, and other advice.

I hope you will visit my profile, as you'll see a range of images to each artwork, the story behind my art and other pertinent details. Please - 'like' (heart) my artworks, follow me, and,  perhaps, buy any that you would like to have. It would be much appreciated.
While on BlueThumb, you might like to check out the works of other artists, too. There is some more great art to be seen there.

Thank you.

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