Sunday, September 16, 2018

For Sale: Acrylic painting original - "Sometimes you have to let go" Australian Corella

EDIT: Sold 21st September 2018.

My acrylic painting of an Australian Corella, on canvas. This art is still visible at the given link if you wish to see.

"Sometimes you have to let go"
Now available online for sale. Will be shipped by artist, Jillian Crider, direct.
Please visit, and favourite my work, and 'follow' me to keep up with my art as I add new works. Thank you. Corella was quite a character, twirling around and around the bare branch. Finally ending up, upside down. To my surprise, and a flash of white, it spread a wing, and took off to freedom into the blue skies filled with whispy clouds. The title for the painting came to me, and knew I had to then painting it. Just was with people "Sometimes you have to let go" ...

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