Thursday, February 12, 2015

SALE: Miniature art gold frames x2.

Mini art frames for sale oval opening gold wood carved Dreamy Papers
I bought far too many of these many years ago when I was thinking of opening a gallery based on small format  and miniature artworks. And to enter miniature art shows. These frames have never been used. So they are new. My current situation is where I need to downsize drastically.
The oval opening is for 2.5x3" it says, but not sure of the accuracy of that. The frames exterior dimensions are 4 3/8 x 4 1/8" approximately. And the width of the frame is approximately 3/8" thick.
That thickness does NOT include the easel back. Backed with black paper. I have successfully removed the easel back, and covered it with paper to enter my paintings in miniature art society exhibitions. They appear to be a light-weight wood, so easy to add screws or hanging ring to the back to comply with show rules.
The gold finish is a very bold gold under some light, it is crackled/antiqued somewhat, but muted. It is not an all-over flat gold finish. The cold is definitely metallic in appearance. The focus would be on the art, not on the frame. I do love these. They are NOT a matching pair.

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Both for $13.00 USD

Sorry, this listing is for continental US buyers only.
If you're located somewhere else, please contact me and maybe something can be arranged. I've been burned by USPS rates for things going outside continental US, lately. Thank you.

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