Monday, November 03, 2014

Now available, and more coming ... FINE ART PRINTS of my art. Choose quality and framing you want!

After initially opening a store on ImageKind in 2008, I'm now revitalizing this. My art has never been available as prints like this anywhere else. I think it's time to resurface.


ImageKind is a 'print-on-demand' online store where my art is on file so that you can choose what artwork YOU want - be it a simple, inexpensive, quality art print on paper, all the way up to framed and matted art that is perfect for where you choose to display it.

ImageKind has been around for quite a while (mid 2000s I think - a CafePress Division), and comes with extensive experience and professional help for online buyers.

Thank you for your support of my art.

Click HERE for my ImageKind Store.

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