Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Please join in this site (new marketing, networking)

My invitation to you all to join in on a fabulous new online experience.
Artists, suppliers, handmades, crafts, dolls, and much more.

Shopping/Selling mall with a special home for ACEO enthusiasts.

FuzzB.com (FuzzyBlueSlippers.com).

SPECIAL: Sign up to join and network free. If you open a shop it's a set fee of $25 A YEAR, NO other fees for regular listings. You can have 300 items listed at one time. The bonus is, for a limited time, this per annum price is locked in for LIFE!
There are lots of things in store for us all there. I think you'll immediately feel at home.
Go have a look. When you sign in, if you don't mind putting in my email as reference for sending you on over there I'd much appreciate it.
jillian (at)jilliancrider (dot com)
It's growing by leaps and bounds, lots of fun things, and soon our very own marketplace!



  1. Hi Jillian, you're pushing a lot, I can imagine a hard work on this!

    I tagged you in my blog, so come and have a look at what you have to do!

  2. Thanks so much Lore. With a lot of things, they won't work unless many get involved. We all have been looking for 'somewhere else' to market out art, specifically ACEOs. It's still 'new', but am hoping that 'this is the place'. With the special on at the moment, it won't hurt to check it out, I figure. :)
    Thanks again Lore. I have been so busy of late. One is busier when out of work, than when working.