Wednesday, January 07, 2015

A failed journal experiment = GIVEAWAY TIME!

An experiment. Too much time spent in making this journal for 2015 but full of flaws, but too nice to toss - Intended for journaling joys, gratitude and accomplishments for a positive outlook to 2015, each day. Just comment on the thread that I'll link to on FaceBook , and I'll number each comment and use to choose a number, noon January 12th 2015 (PST) - need for USA people only. Sorry. I can't pay postage to anyone out of USA. But will partially pay some of the cost, for out of USA, if winner is willing.

COVER: Mis-punched - washi tape used to correct somewhat but it it's still flawed. The journal opens well, though, and is quite useable. Though somewhat careful handling is needed. Can unbind the book and use pages in a journal you create yourself. I designed this imagery - old lined paper and vintage flower image. So it is OOAK.

BACK COVER: Mis-punched - washi tape used to correct somewhat (like with front cover), but it's still flawed.  

INSIDE: First approx. 7 pages: The first 7 pages have been mis-punched (new punch machine - trying to get used to it!), and washi tape used to somewhat re-punch. Vintage 1886 paper used on inside front and back cover, which is chipboard.

INSIDE: Most of the inside of the book looks OK. Fully functional, and although the punched holes may be slightly askew, the journal still will be a pretty and functional one.

These pages could be unbound? Just twist the binding to unbind, it comes right out with thread/twist. Then use the loose pages in a larger journal you design and incorporate these into it. The covers - perhaps use the inside vintage paper as the 'canvas' for a new artwork - using your favorite art supplies, or mixed media, or collage?

Have fun. Be inspired. Good luck.
Facebook thread to comment on, to enter the draw is:

Thanks all.


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