Monday, April 11, 2005

Small Format Art sale. AAC monthly artist's 'Salon'.

March Update: The gallery had no formal juried exhibition this month, but had a really fun event with unframed art on sale. I couldn't help but purchase some of the works at 'bargain' prices. I exhibited 2 artworks - pastels: one nude, one plein air.
March also marked my second monthly 'Salon' session. The first, in February was on prints, this one was on 'miniature and small format art'. This was one of the first times I have shown my miniature art gallery (roombox) to other artists.
I also attended an etching/aquatint workshop one weekend. As hard as I worked and as messy as I got. Ink all over me! It is not something I think I would make a career of!
I was quite pleased with the initial prints I got, but not so much with the others.
I'll post them here when I get a chance.

30th October 2011
"The Model" 5x7" etching/aquatint is shown above one of quite a few I did.

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