Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Small Format Art Exhibition - 200+ INTERNATIONAL artists - online auction to benefit cancer research

BID NOW! 200+ Renown International Artists come together in this ONLINE ART AUCTION in aid of CANCER RESEARCH.

Thank you for your support.
There is work by some really great artists here!

Thursday, March 03, 2016

Work-in-Progress (WIP) - Leopard Cub - pastel.

A16x12" pastel W-I-P leopard cub that I started work on in the early hours of this morning. The first pastel that I've done in many years. Love the medium, the range of colours is what turns me on, mostly.
I call myself 'smudge' when I work in pastels. Last night was no exception. Go to the bathroom, and look in the mirror, and my face is covered in dark smudges!
I'm tired today, but hope to finish this before the week is out.
Thank you for looking.

Registration of Interest - Art classes and more.

Just now settling in enough to look at starting up classes or workshops in Adelaide, so I'm currently looking for registration of interest from students and artists who may like to join in on Plein Air sessions, and more.
I have taught here previously, and also have been teaching in the USA.
Just trying to coordinate students, venues, times and class formats.
Thank you.
Click on the image to view larger.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

New art journal project: December 2015 Sharing the process (1)

Up for discussion on thought processes, techniques, aims and outcome for artists.

To create a journal 'page' (pocket) to insert into an art journal, to hold 'secrets', without being too obvious about it (even though I was going to create a sign, 'Secret Thoughts' to go on the front of the page, on the diagonal slant!).
Strangely enough, the first thing was to create a page behind it. I wanted something to entice someone to turn the pocket to discover what is underneath, and what would view, or photograph well. It had to reflect the diagonal format of the pocket, so that it was a good mate for the pocket. It needed to be simple, but interesting.

Diagonal, beauty, simple, but interesting. I like using old papers so the background paper is a page from a 1930s botany book. I chose one with floral illustrations. The top is purely a piece of scrapbooking-type paper, but with a glistening gold upon a floral background. Giving a pretty interest and incentive to turn the page.
I cut it to size, on the diagonal, and adhered it with Yes! glue - I love that it is not a wet glue, and stays flat. I then used a continuous border punch to punch out the right side of the page. So simple, but this did what I wanted. For the journalist, I envision either cutting out phrases or sayings or words in strips, and pasting them upon the surface, or shaping some lined or plain paper in a random shape, with torn edge on the lower portion of the page, trying not to cover too much of the illustration.

My original idea was to provide a 'secret pocket' with a 'secret thoughts' graphic that could be coloured with pencils, pens or paint. I did not do the graphic, as it worked out. But have provided the graphic at the end of this blog entry to be downloaded (.pdf) if you'd like to use it.
I folded a piece of regular vellum paper in half (portrait orientation - fold bottom half up to cover top half) and cut it at journal width. This then seals the bottom of the 'pocket'. I then added washi tape to the open edge on the right, overlapping the edge, to close the side up. I thought of sewing up this side. I also thought of using hand-stitching, doing blanket stitch with beads on the edging, but wanted this to be a page that a viewer might turn, without worrying too much about what it contained. For the 'secrets' to be added.
I made a tag from brown cardstock that mimics a cardboard finish. Again, the shape was made in simple form, to that It doesn't seem too complex. I carefully lined up the same washi tape for the pocket edge and filled most of the surface of the tag. But I didn't want it to reach the edge of the tag. It was a bit fiddly to do, but I did it! I found a piece of striped bakers' twine to top off the tag. I recently bought 3 old cigarette cards for the princely sum of $1.50, and had one of them in mind, but had forgotten about the hollyhock one. Once I saw it there, I knew that was the one! I haven't glued it on as yet, but will. I love that it shows through the vellum, letting the journalist know there is something important in the pocket, but no so obvious to a visiting viewer. Because of the diagonals, then the tag needs to be placed nearest the binding edge (left). The tag back is then used for writing thoughts on the back of it!
I then added a vintage paper from 1898, and folded it to size, in 3 portions (2 folds). I cut it to the height and almost the width of the pocket. Again, this is simple, and not 'too' interesting - the vintage handwriting giving some sign of life, but not 'advertising' what might be inside once unfolded. So, this piece of paper, with writing on the outside is meant to be opened to the journalist's secret writings, photo, or treasures. CAUTION: If using a pen to write your 'secrets', first make sure it doesn't bleed through to the outside - or you can write on a different piece of paper, and just place it inside for safe keeping. The open edge is to the right, and placed to the right of the pocket.
What I'm outlining aren't 'rules' but just part of my own creative process and reasoning. Why do people even think that we just slap paint and paper around, with no thought behind it? True, our original ideas might not be what eventually comes out, but being able to process and act upon what 'works' and what doesn't is a big part of the artistic process. Here is the final result:

If you'd like the graphic that I was going to put on the diagonal on this page it's here. To download click on the image, then right click and select to save - it's .png format, Enjoy! ~Jillian

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"Finding me" series - art journal collage page

"Finding me" series. Collage "I Love Roses" *Photo more roses *Buy roses * Teach painting roses * Buy Rose bushes for my garden * Gift roses * Write rose painting tutorial * Decorate with Roses * Paint more roses * Rose design.  (One not included * Rose fashion.) Artist: Jillian Crider - includes 2 of my paintings (lower left), and 3 of my photos (circles on right). Watercolor pencils. Ink pens lettering.

Ink pen hand lettering. Watercolour pencil washes and lettering (I love Roses).

Sunday, November 15, 2015

This journey, this adventure, starts today ...

Sometimes life changes are SO massive - things that were so familiar or treasured are gone. Changes so great that, with surprise, you realise that you no longer know who you are, what you feel, what you need, and even how to live your life ...

So you need to embark on a journey of discovery to find yourself, to re-invent yourself, and to find new treasures to love, so that you are are once again comfortable in your own skin. This journey, this adventure starts this day ...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Nature's Beautiful Gift" White Swan watercolour/watercolor ACEO.

This swan painting was done for a special reason. ACEO watercolour/watercolor - 2.5x3.5" "Nature's Beautiful Gift" It's not from one of my photos, but from the image gallery on WetCanvas. Hope you all enjoy seeing it anyway.
Artist: Jillian Crider - artistjillian

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Collage - Photo rescue - "King(s) of the Castle"

I love to 'rescue' and reuse old papers and particularly old photos. Remembering that photos from the 20s and 30s were still a new thing, with snapshots being taken of almost anything around.
I was amazed at the size of this haystack, and saw the 3 workers on top of the hay on the horses' dray. So anonymous, and all probably long forgotten. But with smiles all round it bought forward childhood memories of yelling out "I'm king of the Castle" ("and you're the Dirty Rascal") whenever you managed to grab a spot upon something higher than anyone else. Be it sandcastle, woodpile or haystack!
So these three amigos are thus joined together in this collage, with their crowns firmly over their heads!
Base is an old botany book from around the same time (20s-30s), red stripes in watercolor/watercolour. The photo, still on black album paper, enlarged photo of the 3 workers on transparency, backed with white gesso. Crowns on cream cardstock with torn edge, and papers from a very old ledger and washi tape. Pencil and ink added.
It's funny sometimes how images come to you and you manage to piece them together to become so much more.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

New: Pumpkins and flowers on a door step. Unique pen & wash painting.

"Doorstep Domination" - A totally new ACEO (2.5x3.5") from me. A continuation of my 'garden series' - painted on old handwritten ledger paper (1898) glued onto cardstock art card, partially gesso'd, then pen & wash painting (ink + watercolor/watercolour). Fall foliage with pumpkins massed on an old doorstop in front of a vintage window with lace curtains. On Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/…/25…/original-aceo-ink-and-watercolour? Artist: Jillian Crider (artistjillian)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

"Red, White and Never Blue" ACEO Shriner clown painting

An ACEO listing in my re-vamped Etsy store. Original watercolor/watercolour painting "Red, White and Never Blue" - 2.5 x 3.5" A wonderful Shriner circus clown.
Click the link below to go to my Etsy listing.
I think with Au vs. USA pricing this should work out as a reasonable price to USA buyers, even with postage.