Thursday, April 17, 2003

Autographs please!

While collecting my magazine as stated below, from my mailbox, also got a letter from ESTONIA.
Totally unexpected as I know noone from there, and wasn't expecting it.
Enclosed was a letter and a blank postcard. It was from an art teacher in Estonia wanting my autograph!
"... May I take this opportunity to request of you a very special favor?
I work as a teacher and I am very interested in art. We have lived under the Soviet Union for 50 years and all the time it has been taught that Soviet art is the best. We could not read any art literature from the other countries. Therefore we have no true information about art life in your country, too.
Now, as Estonia is again free, I have tried to get various materials for teaching my students the art.
I should be very thankful to you if you were able to fulfill my great request. I should like to get your ... autograph on the postcard.
Thank you in advance for this important to me favor. ..."
I guess things like that make like interesting! :)

Compliments on my illustration (see previous post).

I get very flattered by compliments re my art. Sometimes it surprizes me a little, as caught of guard, and also wonder at finding that my art IS appreciated and admired ... something I've always drempt of.
Two things this week. One re the sketch I did for 'Futures' magazine - the one I put up earlier with the skeleton - the author had a write up in a magazine published. In part it said...
"I’m forwarding a letter that Sarah posted to the short mystery Fiction society list.
...My story, "Baby's Breath", appears in the current issue. I really like the illustration Jillian Crider made for the story; I feel so flattered to have someone do an actual PICTURE for my tale! I have also been having great fun reading the rest of the issue. FMAM is really great - so many stories, along with puzzles and cartoons! Even better news: I visited my local Barnes and Noble here in Lexington, and there it was (FMAM at last)! I will be directing all my friends there! :)"
The site for this magazine is:
Even more exciting was getting my copy of it in the mail today with those 2 illustrations in it! :)
Next post will have the 2nd flattering happening.

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Desert Sky Tours - new website launched!

Well, up until the early hours. Also introduced a 'friend' to the world of bloggers! I had to design a website. Promised since January. I never seemed to get with Howard on this, and managed to do it from what he provided via emails. Being frames, my FrontPage web editor didn't want to work, and I didn't have time to work it out, so ended up hand-writing it in html! Not heaps of content so it wasn't too cumbersome, but was about 3.30am before I hit my bed!
Wanna take a peek? It's - hope you like it. It's about touring the wide, wild broad expanse of our outback in my home state of South Australia in unique 6 wheel all terrain drive vehicles that carry a groups of people.
Hope you like it.