Saturday, September 20, 2003

Pink rose painting - Acrylic 6"x12"

Just finished this one yesterday - the 3rd rose I've done in the past month. This one is 12x6" - a slightly odd shape, but, as such, it's eye-catching.
Hope you like it.

"Two Plus One, In Pink".

I've also just finished a series of 6 'cartoon-type' illustrations for a book, and a magazine illustration.

Art fairs in Atlanta. My art collection expands!

I went to 2 art fairs today in Atlanta - Perimeter mall - about 200 artists, and Roswell with 160 artists. I went to the Décor Expo at the World Congress Center a couple of weeks ago, that was mind-boggling! Met some artists that I've admired for over 20 years!
Some of the top artists in the USA. I was in awe!
I didn't come home empty-handed from any of these. I now have MORE art in my small collection. My collection gives me SO much joy!

Great gifts using my artwork!

I was rather pleased with the image I created of my Café Press shop, using some of my art 'products' available.


Wednesday, September 10, 2003

My Cafe Press store!

I've been busy creating new products for my Cafe Press store! What fun!
I'm definitely putting some of them on my Xmas present list ... I'll be proud to give them as gifts.
Cafe Press Store
Just hope the sales come with it. Take a look! Refer it to your friends. I'd appreciate it. Love the validation of my art by people purchasing it.
Buying my art this way gives bargain prices for owning unique and exclusive gifts.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Rodeo in Cumming, Georgia.

Sunday was another 'chase' subjects day. This time to the north of Atlanta - to Cumming. There was a Ken Treadway Rodeo there, and I was lucky enough to get permission to take photos of the riders. The guys were great, and got some great subjects for paintings. I hope to go to some more rodeos in the future.
Great stuff!


Hot Air Balloons at Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

Well, went chasing 'interesting' things to photograph on the weekend. A long weekend here in the USA. Potential artwork subjects.
Saturday I took myself down to Callaway Gardens as there was a hot air balloon fest. I got some good photos. Loved the antique stores in Pine Mountain, and hope to feature some in paintings one day.
Callaway is breath-taking. It almost should be called 'Eden'. It was a lovely day, and the sun filtering through the trees was so lovely. It's well within taking a day journey there from Atlanta. Something so lovely, so close by. I'm sure I missed enough to make sure I will go back again sometime to find out what I missed!