Saturday, August 30, 2003

"White Roses" Acrylic painting - 11x14"

Another acrylic rose. I've posted it on my site, larger, and without the frame, but couldn't resist 'playing' with framing, as it sometimes really sets off my work.
White is such a funny colour to work with, as, to paint something white, you just about have to use every other colour but white!
Still I do ink sketches, and even though the only 'colour' you use is black, you need to make your subject look like shades of grey and black, as well as using the white of the paper to create your art.

This one is 11x14.
Not sure what my next art project will be.
One gallery wants some nudes.
I have a 'commercial' project to do ... some book illustrations, so need to get on with those, I guess.