Friday, November 07, 2003

Atlanta Artists Center - DeFoor's Art Auction

Well, it was exciting to be asked to design some awards for the Atlanta Artists Center (AAC) a few weeks ago (you can get a tiny glimpse of them on their site, in photos when they were presented).
From there I was asked to design an invitation for up-coming art auction & show at Defoor Center.
I attacked it in a non-traditional manner, wanting lots of 'life' to it. But didn't want anything too abstract arty as so many of our artists at AAC are traditional realists.
Since then I have received a lot of compliments, but really made me believe it today when I was doing colour enlarged photocopies in Kinko's of a poster I did designed around the same style and a complete stranger couldn't stop looking at the poster, and instead of commenting on the event, he raved about how good the design was!
When I told him I designed it, he told me I should do it as a business. Being a stranger, I was quite amazed that it had such a reaction.
If you'd like to see the invitation it's at AACs website. And if you're in Atlanta, go into the site, to 'Defoors' and you can download a printable copy of the invitation to print for yourself and any friends you might think will be interested to attend.
AACs website:

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